The Benefits of Playing with Megadolls.

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Paper dolls have a long history. Some might even say that paper dolls are as old as paper itself. The truth is that most of us have spent many hours decorating, cutting out, and playing with our paper dolls and their outfits.


It is one of those age-old activities that never loses its attraction. Perhaps that is because playing with paper dolls, alone or with friends, requires us to interact with others and our dolls. It also requires our dolls to interact with each other, encouraging imaginative play.


With paper dolls, we can be anything and anyone, and we can do anything and go anywhere. It can expand our horizons, opportunities, and possibilities in a way we might not imagine when watching a video game or TV show.


You see, some clever people at the West Virginia University Child Development Laboratory (Nursery School) found that children are becoming restless with toys today. They found that the more toys they had and the more animated they were, the more toys we wanted and expected the toys to be advanced. 


By nature, especially as a child, we are interested in something when we have a personal investment in a project. That means that the project should matter to us.


There are many benefits to playing with Megadolls. Here are a few:

Playing with Megadolls help develops creativity and imagination.

We engage in creative pretend play when we play with paper dolls. That means we make up stories about the dolls; we give them characters and make them behave in a certain way. We place them in different situations and circumstances and explore how one might behave in a specific environment.
Making up and telling stories about our dolls' experiences during pretend play helps us explore our imagination. We learn how to become more creative as we make up stories for our paper dolls. As a child, we also develop essential thinking skills that can help us solve complex problems elsewhere in our lives. 

Playing with Megadolls helps us develops social and emotional skills.

When we play with our Megadolls, we can try out different social roles. We can make our dolls, whoever we want them to be. We can make our Megadoll behave differently or dress in a specific type of clothing. They could be shy, reserved, or confident. Putting our Megadolls in specific scenarios allows us to explore different feelings and ways to handle these situations.

We can practice our social, problem-solving, and self-regulation skills when we play with Megadolls with someone or with friends. Through play, we can develop our language and social skills by talking to our friends and having our Megadolls speak to each other. 


We may mean to problem solve when our friends or we do not agree on something. In these situations, we also need to self-regulate. That means we have to manage our emotions, feelings, and behavior where we might feel angry or frustrated.
In some cases, playing with our Megadolls can even help us define or decide who we want to be or what kind of person we would like to be.


While we play with our Megadolls, we also practice various virtues like kindness, friendship, or being courageous. It is beneficial when we are learning to practice empathy. By pretending that our Megadolls are different people from various backgrounds, we open our minds and, if only for a short while, step into that character's shoes.

The colors of the pre-colored Megadolls outfits link to specific virtues. You can dress your Megadoll in a particular color to practice that virtue for the day (or the week!).

Megadolls can help us work through different emotions. For example, they can help us express complicated feelings like anger or sadness within reason. They can also help us explore emotions like joy, surprise, and excitement.


Playing with Megadolls help develops fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

While designing and creating beautiful outfits for our Megadolls, we also allow the tiny muscles in our hands and wrists to grow stronger. As a child, our small muscles, at first, are challenging to control. That is why we might not always manage to color inside the lines or cut something exactly right.

The more we work with the small muscles in our hands and wrists, the better and stronger they become. Soon we will notice that we are improving at controlling things like crayons, pencils, and scissors. 


When we play with Megadolls, we don't only practice our fine motor skills while decorating outfits for our dolls. We also use the small muscles when we dress and undress our Megadolls.


Playing with our Megadolls also improves our hand-eye coordination. It's the ability to have our hands do something while being guided by our eyes. For example, when we dress our Megadolls, our eyes will look at the doll and see where we need to place the slot for the outfits to go over the doll's head for us to dress the doll. In a way, our eyes tell our hands where to go to accurately put the outfit where it needs to be to dress our doll. This same skill is practiced when cutting out the Megadolls outfits.


Playing with Megadolls teaches about diversity.

Playing with Megadolls teaches us about diversity and inclusivity. It will help us become more understanding and respectful of persons who are different from us.

The Shero range of Megadolls focuses on making awareness about persons with physical differences. Megadolls speak about how persons with physical conditions might be experiencing life differently than others—playing with Megadolls will teach us how to be sensitive and respectful when interacting with someone who might be dealing with physical challenges.


The Megadolls Dolls from Around the World include paper dolls from different countries. These dolls all look different, with different hair colors and types, skin colors, and other unique features.


Playing with Megadolls teaches about geography.

The Dolls from Around the World range tell us more about the country from which each doll comes, their background, culture, traditions, and what they traditionally wear.

When playing with Megadolls, we can explore the country each Megadolls Doll from Around the World Comes from. We may even want to read up more on each country to find out more details about the area, the people, and their background.


Playing with Megadolls help develops art skills.

We practice our artistic skills when we decorate a blank outfit template for our Megadolls. 

Let's take some time to think about what we can use to decorate Megadolls' outfits. We can use glitter or fabric or dried flowers or leaves. Bits of string or ribbon could add texture to our dolls' clothes, while paint or watercolor could allow us to blend colors.


Playing with Megadolls will helps us reduce screen time.

Playing with Megadolls will encourage us to interact with our dolls, other people, or ourselves. It gives us a break from spending time on a tablet, a phone, or in front of a television. While playing with Megadolls, we develop and explore our imagination and be creative with the stories we make up and outfits we create. 


Paper dolls bring back good memories for anyone who spends hours playing with them as children. This imaginative play does so much more than keep children busy. It teaches us essential skills and helps us express our thoughts and ideas.

Megadolls will also give us all the benefits of playing with paper dolls and develop empathy, self-respect, and understanding for those around us.


With Megadolls, may we all inspire, encourage kindness, experience creativity, and promote meaningful play with awareness and compassion for others.

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